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Website Development

Website development is the process of creating and building a website that is accessible via the internet. It involves a variety of tasks, including designing the layout and structure of the site, writing and organizing content, and programming features and functionality.

There are several key steps involved in website development:







Before starting any actual development, it’s important to carefully plan and define the goals and objectives of the site. This includes identifying the target audience, determining the purpose and content of the site, and outlining the overall structure and navigation.

The design phase involves creating a visual concept for the site, including the layout, color scheme, and branding elements. This is typically done using wireframes and mockups, which are basic outlines or prototypes of the site that can be used to visualize and test different design ideas.

Once the design is finalized, the next step is to create and organize the content for the site. This includes writing and formatting text, selecting and editing images and videos, and integrating any other media or interactive elements.

The development phase is where the actual coding and programming of the site takes place. This includes building the structure and layout of the site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as integrating any additional features or functionality like forms, e-commerce tools, or databases.

Before the site is launched, it’s important to thoroughly test and debug it to ensure that everything is working properly. This includes testing the site on different devices and browsers, and fixing any issues or errors that are discovered. Once all the testing is complete, the site can be launched and made live for the public to access.

Website development is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires a range of skills and expertise. Whether you choose to handle it yourself or work with a team of professionals, the key is to carefully plan and manage the project to ensure a successful outcome.

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Before website production can begin, please complete the following steps below. Once you have done so, we will start on your website design project immediately!

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